Breaking out of the Box

Breaking out of the Box


Breaking out of the Box


The designers of Green Hills, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway MBE, were interviewed by lifestyle magazine Live Ribble Valley this month about how they are revolutionising house building at this stunning new development.

Like every interview Wayne and Gerardine have done about Green Hills, their love for Blackburn and their passion for creating a proud legacy for their home town comes shining through.

“It is as much an engineering feat as a love letter to the future of the residents” explains Wayne, as he describes the care and creativity that has gone into the design of this award-winning scheme.

The message which really comes through loud and clear is how the camaraderie, teamwork and shared vision of HemingwayDesign, IDP Architects, the landowning Feilden family and, of course, Kingswood Homes have come together to create something exceptional and uplifting.

Wayne also talks about his time growing up in Blackburn and how his early life experiences in the town set him in good stead for his long and well documented career in design:

“I just had an amazing young life. I can’t imagine being brought up anywhere else and having more fun or being more cultural” explains Wayne.

A sentiment we hope will be repeated by many of our young families who have moved into Green Hills in the years ahead.

You can read the full interview with Wayne and Gerardine in Live Ribble Valley Magazine here.